Student Spotlight-Curliest Hair

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Do you ever wish you could change your hair? If so what would you change it to? The following students were picked for having the curliest hair in their grade, 8th grader Karla Ramirez, 7th grader Rachel Boyd and 6th grader  Skyler Crow.

Karla Ramirez- Unlike Rachel and Skyler Karla dislikes her hair and prefers it to be straight.During her free time Karla loves to listen to music.

Rachel Boyd- Rachel noted “I love my hair although it is hard to deal with”. In her free time she likes to sing,work on her music and watch anime.

Crow- In addition Skyler also loves his hair, he loves all of the curls. As for what he does in his free time he enjoys solving rubix cubes and creating origami.

7th grader

8th grader


6th grader