How to Stay Organized for the STAAR Test

Jo Stehlik and Anna Glisson

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It’s the end of the school year, summer is less than three months away. With STAAR coming up while still having to focus on your normal school work. Here are four tips on how to stay organized during this stressful last semester.

It’s always a good idea to buy a planner or calendar so you can write down and plan out what is going on during your week or throughout the month. You can also use a planner to document homework assignments. It’s been said that writing something down is equivalent to reading it seven times. Calendars help you map out a proper schedule. You can look at your week and see you have a sporting event on Tuesday and a project due on Thursday and then accommodate your schedule to fit in those things.

Another great way to keep your bag or backpack organized and keep track of your papers is to separate your subject into different folders or tabs in a binder. By doing this you can easily look at your papers that are due and your papers that are graded. This will also help you when you need to find an assignment quickly. Instead of digging around in your backpack you can just look at that subjects section and the paper will be there.

It’s always important to stay tidy during exams so you don’t get confused or stressed out. If your space isn’t clean you won’t know where anything is and that can be stressful, especially when you’re taking a test. If your area is messy your mind is messy, but if your area is clear then so is your mind. Maybe stack your papers, organize your snacks and pencils, and you might find that the test is a little easier to complete. Then, at the end of the test you can be as messy as you would like, but remember that it’s always good to be organized whenever wherever.

It’s always good to keep a clean desk, but it’s equally as important to keep a clean backpack as well. Having a messy backpack can make it easy to lose important study material or assignments. If you can’t find what you need to study, then how are you going to be ready for the test? Maybe take some of those old papers out, if you have too many, you can’t find the ones you need. Maybe put your study material in a folder with dividers and separate the different study material into different dividers so you know what to study and when.

Staying organized is always a good thing to do, especially when final exams are coming up. If you need some help being organized, consider using these tips and tricks to stay tidy and clean. Good luck on the STAAR.

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How to Stay Organized for the STAAR Test