Ways to Study for the STAAR

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Ways to Study for the STAAR

Mikayla Espolt, Editor

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We all know that the STAAR tests are coming up, and we need to study and get prepared for the most important test of the year. But, you might not know how to study effectively and quickly. Here are some ways to study for the STAAR:


Quizlet is a great resource, and you can make flashcards to remember the materials that a teacher has given you. If a teacher has already made a Quizlet account, that’s even better! That way the cards are already made for you.2. Review notes.

2.Review notes.

If you have notes over the year from class, you can easily glance over what you’ve learned all year. Therefore, your mind is refreshed over all that you have learned this year.

3. Ask your teacher for extra material.

Teachers usually have a good idea of what is going to be on the STAAR. If you ask for extra material, they will be more than happy to provide you with good worksheets and things to review before the STAAR.

I hope that with these things, you will be able to study for the STAAR and feel prepared.