Student of The Week – Most Stylish (boys)

Diana Enrriquez and Lizbeth Fernandez

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In addition to last week we have the best dressed guys which are 8th grader Conner Brown, 7th grader Efrain Cordova , and 6th grader Trenton Carroll.

8th grader Conner Brown- His favorite color to wear is red and his go to outfit is shorts and a t-shirt.

7th grader Efrain Cordova- His favorite colors to wear are red and blue and his go to outfit is jeans and a nice shirt.

6th grader Trenton Carroll- His favorite colors to wear are red,black and white and he prefers to wear them together.His go to outfit is pants with a type of design, and a shirt that fits well.

Conner Brown

Efrain Cordova

Trenton Carroll