Advice Column : How to Stay Focused In Class

Kylie Brinkman and Mikayla Espolt

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Need help on focusing in class? Here are some ways that will help you do that.

One way to help you focus in class is to get a good night sleep the night before. This will ensure that you won’t fall asleep during class, and you can pay attention to the teacher when they’re talking. Another way to stay focused in class is to eat a healthy breakfast. When you’re hungry, all you’re focused on is how hungry you are.  One last way to try and stay focused in class: when the teacher is talking, make eye contact. If you’re making eye contact, you then won’t be spacing off and doing other things.

Hopefully, this advice column has or could help you. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to comment some more things you need advice on.

Kylie Brinkman, reporter

I like writing and photography, I've done writing UIL for 2 years.

Mikayla Espolt, Reporter

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I am active in GT, TMSCA, UIL, and STUCO.
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Advice Column : How to Stay Focused In Class