Junior High Girls Basketball Schedule

Jocelyn Arispe, Reporter

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17                             Chisolm Trail                      H                                7B,8B,7A,8A               4:30
24                               Callisburg                          H                               7B,8B,7A,8A                4:30
28                              Pilot Point                          H                                7B,8B,7A,8A                4:30



2                         Dist Tournament               Pottsboro                             7A,8A                         TBA


Coaches –

Supt- Bruce Yeager
Cody Vanover – A Teams

Principal – Shawn Simmons
Makala Neighbors & Ellyn Avery – B Teams

AD-Bill Savel

Jocelyn Arispe, Reporter

Hello, I am Jocelyn Arispe. I am in 7th grade. I enjoy sports such as volleyball, basketball , and softball. I also enjoy writing, drawing ,and exploring...

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Junior High Girls Basketball Schedule