Class New Years Resolution

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Shelby Aja: My New Years Resolution is to do my playing test for the band on Thursdays and get help on homework when I need help on a question.

Jocelyn Arispe: My New Years Resolution is to keep my things and life organized and clean.

Kylie Brinkman: My new year’s resolution is to stay happy and have confidence in myself.

Brittlee Brock: My New Years Resolution is to have a positive mindset and to be more social with people I don’t know.

Lucy Davis: I want to be nicer, and have a better attitude

Colby Murphey: To practice more and do better in school

Cole Dean: to stay away from the bad things and not get in trouble

Diana Enrriquez: My new year’s resolutions are to be more helpful and nicer to people.

Mikayla Espolt: To do things for me and not just for other people to make them happy.

Lizbeth Fernandez: To be more positive about things.

Anna Glisson: To improve my art and animation skills.

Jo Stehlik: To improve my drawing skills and my grades.

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Class New Years Resolution