Santa Claus Around the World

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There’s many Santa Claus’ around the world. For example, in Austria they have St. Nicholas for the good kids, and Krampus for the bad. Krampus is the “bad santa” he is a half-goat half- demon.

In Africa, they do have Santa Claus, just like America. The only difference is that Santa comes around in the Summer. Fir Christmas trees are popular, and they celebrate with their families.

In Russia and Ukraine, they have Ded Moroz and Snegurochka, or Father Frost and Snow Maiden. Father Frost is recognized as a wizard or demon. He would kidnap and punish naughty kids, fortunately he has softened over the years. He travels all over the slavic region, but mostly in Russia and Ukraine on New Years Eve, carrying gifts for children with his friendly ad joyful companion Snegurochka, the Snow Maiden.

In Norway they have Julenissen, who is known as a Christmas elf. They were traditionally barn devils, who would act as guardians over farms. Like the iconic Santa Claus, he comes from the North Pole, and gives gifts to children. He wears grey clothes, and has a grey beard.

 In South Korea, they have Santa Kullso, who wears blue and eats sponge cake instead of cookies.

In France they have a man, called “Père Noël” or St.Nicholas. He wears red and dresses like our Santa Claus in the United States.

Every country has a different Christmas culture. Some countries celebrate while others don’t. It’s always fun to receive gifts and have fun with family. Enjoy your holidays!

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Santa Claus Around the World