Truly good at heart

Brittlee Brock, Editer

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“ I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are truly good at heart.”- Anne Frank.

    This quote gives me hope because if she can be disrespected, treated with unfairness and still forgive and forget.  I personally think that we should be able to do the same thing for people that have wronged us or others. No one is pure BAD, we can make bad choices, and make terrible actions based on are feelings.  We all have some good in are hearts weather it’s just a centimeter wide we still have goodness.

    What makes people do bad things if they have goodness in their heart? People can do bad thing based on how they were treated as kids, who they hang out with, and what environment they live in or lived in. If we don’t have anything in are heart we have nothing! We don’t have good feeling or bad feeling, we feel nothing for ourselves or for others.  People like this aren’t anything but an empty body, God says that the body is just the cover, the feeling, Emotions, and soul are the real person.

Brittlee Brock, Reporter

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Truly good at heart